Social Media Solutions

Social Media Solutions

  • Social Media Posting via Hootsuite
  • Profile Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Networking
  • Customer Service
  • Network Management
  • Fan Engagement
  • Contest and Promotions

Content Solutions

Social Media Content Solutions

  • Blog Creation
  • Article Posting
  • Wordpress Content Management
  • Web SEO Content
  • Unique Quality Content
  • Newsletters, ebook, etc.

Web 2.0 and Branding Solutions

Seo Social Media Branding Solutions

  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Blog, Website and Logo Design
  • Design Consulting (Usability)
  • SEO development
  • Social Media Advertising

" Brand Success is achieved through pride in what your company does, and how they do it and not how many impressions it creates" ~ SeoSam2011

The More you Know the More you Grow!

Grow your business with Responsible Social Media Strategies


Our Packages

Individual platform maintenance and posting

Social Media Multi Platform maintenance and posting. (max 5 platforms)

Social Media posting + Blog Posting (2 x week)

Social Media & Marketing Consulting



Blog writing and posting

Blog creation and maintenance

Fixes, updates and issues (plugins, etc.)

Article writing, copywriting and website content


$15.00 for blogs and articles (max 600 words) $25.00 for posting and updating blog



Basic Marketing Package (Seo, Content MGMT, Social Media + Advertising (banners))

Premium Package (Seo, content, SM, List Building, Landing pages, advertising)

Banners, Logos and Graphics


Seo-socialmedia prides itself on providing the best social media solutions to small business owners who are looking for simple practical methods to increase  brand presence and social traffic.

Social media is not just about creating a Facebook and Twitter page, it is about understanding how to use this type of medium to create maximum brand exposure and create traffic for your site. When you combine SEO, quality and relevant content with social media, you begin to see the difference.

We have been using these methods for five years, everyone else is finally catching up.  If you want quick solutions and overnight promises, we are not the company for you.  If you want long lasting results done the correct way, with time, patience and  an understanding of the effects of doing so, then you have come to the right place.

We do not only build your social media, we build a community foundation and follow through method of communicating with that community using a variety of social media engagements.

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