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How to make better ROI from social media advertising in a few simple steps.

By employing this simple method of social media advertising you can gain leads and increase sales, however it does require a small investment on the part of the brand or business owner.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the truth is – Social media is no longer free and you need to pay to play.

Like everything else that becomes popular, eventually there is someone figuring out a way to profit from it.  Facebook and Twitter have now jumped on the advertising profit band wagon and if you do not climb aboard your company or brand will be missing out on potential revenue.

I have noticed a significant increase in ads on my personal timeline and I expect this will only increase in the near future.

post 2 How to make better ROI from social media advertising in a few simple steps.

Social media marketers must change their focus to include more advertising in order to stay competitive.

This new pay to play system has created a small crisis for many social media providers because proposals and contracts offered to clients were often based upon the concept of a free market and this no longer applies.  It is difficult to suddenly ask clients to fork out more cash to create a new social media advertising strategy, but there is little choice in the matter.

If the fees you are charging to your clients are too low, you cannot expect to create effective and cheap social media campaigns if you have to take it out of your own profits.

The fact is, you need to get your clients on board and in order to do so, you must create a cost effective method of advertising with a good ROI. If you show them the benefits of paid advertising they will be more likely to consider it. If  after showing them the benefits and they still do not want to pay for any advertising, simply explain to them that you will not be providing them the best service you can, however, you put the choice in their hands. There is not much you can do other than continue providing services you already are.

Eventually they will come on board, they will have no choice.

With a simple method of understanding what and how to pay for each advertisement, you can provide your client with the best ROI.

An investment of ten dollars per day can be as effective as an investment of fifty if you know how to use the money more effectively.  In fact, I have gotten some great results from just 2/day on some of my own personal campaigns.

 It is not how much money you spend, it is how you spent it that counts.


advertising helps me decide 600x400 How to make better ROI from social media advertising in a few simple steps.

#1. Determine how much the client should pay for advertising on social media platforms.

In my opinion, you cannot really count impressions as valuable ROI, you must count a lead to make it worthwhile. A lead is not a sale, it is only a potential sale and an impression is only the “gateway” to a lead. However, a lead is at the very least worth the investment and to be frank, you cannot gain leads without CTA or impressions.

If you spent one thousand dollars and you received 1000 impressions and 500 clicks on your last Facebook campaign, it might have cost you only 1.00 per impression, but it really cost you 20.00 per lead.

This is based on a standard which goes something like this:

Most impressions have a 50% CTR (click through rate) that converts (CTA or landing page) at roughly a 10% conversion rate.

In the above example, if you have 1000 impressions, this will = 500 clicks which in turn ends up being about 50 leads.   If only half of those leads convert to sales, each person would have to purchase more than 20.00 on your website for you to make a profit.  If your product is only valued at 10.00 – this is not a really good strategy for your business no matter how many impressions you get.

When creating your advertisement, you have to calculate how much you can afford to spend per lead and this will act as your base guideline for your impression and CTA goals.

In this instance, if you get at least 51 + sales at 20.00 each, it was worth the investment because you made a small profit, got 1000 impressions and the possibility of 25 future sales.  Can you guarantee 51 sales with 1000 impressions with the landing page, offers and call to action you have?

#2. Get the real facts on impressions and leads from social media.

 A good conversion rate is anywhere between 5-12%. To make it easier to understand I used a conversion rate of 10% in the above example.

The impression rate is really the most difficult one  and the one that often confuses people into paying more than they need to for advertising.

At a confidence level of about 95% – meaning how well your landing pages converts:

If you manage to get 15000 impressions with a 50% click through rate that would equal 7500 clicks to your landing page and CTA.  At a conversion rate of 10% for your CTA, that would mean you have a potential for about 750 leads and or 325 sales.

If you want to get 1000 sales, you would need to have at least 2000 leads, or 20000 click through at an impression rate of 200,000.  If your impressions cost you a dollar for each one, you are talking huge amounts of money to invest.

#3. Learn proper methods for advertising with social media.

If you know what the baseline for what it will cost you  per lead and what people will have to purchase on your site in order for you to make a profit, you can begin to determine how much you need to pay per impression and if it is even worthwhile doing so.

In the above example a sale must be equal to at least 20.00 for the client to make a profit, however, if your product is way more valuable and sells for 100.00 you can use this flexibility to create a variety of ads to see which ones work better.

If you have 80.00 to negotiate with on every sale , you could easily pay more per impression to guarantee targeted sales or pay less per impression and try to reach as many people organically as you can.  In the case of a client who does not have a great deal to spend it is a much more practical idea to take ten dollars and spread it over 3 campaigns than to invest in only one because if you find a huge successful campaign that ends up only costing a dime per impression, you have found a gold mine for that client.   It is highly unlikely that an investment of ten dollars will amount to a sale, but it will provide visibility and this is worthwhile for small clients who have no other resources.

When you have decided how much to spend on each impression, use a variety of target advertisements to determine what is the best one to get the most out of your  impressions and when you see one target or campaign works better than another, simply increase that one and lesson one that isn’t working.   There is no better formula for success than split testing advertisements on a variety of platforms because what works for one client on Facebook may work better for another on Twitter.

Stayed tuned for part two of this article how to spread advertising dollars over a number of platforms coming soon!

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5 Tips for a better #fanpagefriday experience.

What exactly is #fanpagefriday?

 5 Tips for a better #fanpagefriday experience.Fanpage Friday is a popular social media event that takes place each and every friday on Facebook and is very similar to the Follow Friday event that has been active on Twitter for a number of years. The main goal of #fanpagefriday is connect with other business owners on Facebook and help build each other’s fan page through commenting, liking, sharing and posting using your personal Facebook account. In return for engaging and sharing with others, you are encouraged to promote your own fan page (s) and hopefully gain some likes or comments.

In my experience, it is one of the best and most effective ways to increase your page’s popularity. Client’s of mine have been reporting at least 20 new likes per week along with record boosts in posts engagements making it a very worthwhile strategy.

According to recent suggestions, a facebook like is equal to $1.25.  When you add it all up, that is a savings of almost 120.00 per month. That money can be used to boosts posts and get even more likes to your page.

Facebook strategies are not difficult, you just have to understand them.

Here are some of my personal tips that I use to boost my #fanpagefriday experience and I hope they help to make yours better too!

  1. Try to encourage people to join your other social media platforms whenever possible.
  2. If you are hosting the event, try offering a giveaway or boosting the post so more people will want to comment on your page.
  3. The idea of the event is to get more page likes for your own business, however, if you have multiple client pages that you want to get page likes for, type what you want to say for each client on a wordpad or other easy to retrieve document.  If you find that a particular page would be more suited for a particular client of yours, simply like the page and then change the message to include the link that you want liked accordingly.  The truth is, a link might be more valuable to a client then to yourself and in the end that is valuable to you as well.
  4. Acknowledge people who have participated and liked your page in the past, because it will help boost their likes and they will see that you are engaging.
  5. Do not always post only on the popular hosting pages, chances are they will always have the same people posting each week who have already liked your page. Posting on a newbie page is a great way to gain new likes because they are excited and they have contacts you have not reached before.

Above all, have fun and remember if someone likes your page, always return the favor.

Speaking of #fanpagefriday, do not forget to join us each week, we always like back!

 5 Tips for a better #fanpagefriday experience.



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Ways to judge success of your social media from a more human standpoint.

It seems somewhat ironic that as professional social media marketers, our goal is to study and understand human behaviour in order to promote brand awareness, but we judge our success of it based on numbers and analytics from a computer algorithm rather than quantifiable human reactions to strategies.  Can we really afford to  do so? The truth is, using these metrics, social media will never measure up.

growing social media 600x300 Ways to judge success of your social media from a more human standpoint.

 We need to start judging web marketing success from a more human standpoint.

Consider these factors:

  1. How can a programmable metric measure how someone feels about content that makes them feel good, creates a smile or changes their life in some way?
  2. How do we define the amount of effort and time that is put into it and how much time is required to expect results? The truth is, it takes time to really get to know a client, a brand, it’s market and its product. There is always a testing phase time period that a social media marketers needs in order to gather information, analyze results and produce better and more effective content and strategies. Things are constantly changing and there is always an adjustment phase to see what each brand’s clients react to. This can not happen overnight because creativity plays a huge role here. How do you measure creativity?
  3. What happens once a marketer is able to determine the success or failure of a strategy?After a significant amount of time chances are the marketing team has made some progress and learned a few things about the brand, it’s market and its clients and what works for them. Every plan has faults, and not every post or contest or idea will go over well, good marketers acknowledge this and try to work on improving them, not dismissing them. Being able to admit failure and learn from it should be a positive metric, but it is rarely seen this way and is not measured.  How do we measure learning from mistakes or from prior successes?

i love internet  social media week milano  il festival della rete 266x400 Ways to judge success of your social media from a more human standpoint.Actions speak louder than words when it comes to social media.

If you truly want to know how well your brand is doing, the best way to do that is to see what people are reacting to and not what Facebook, Twitter or any other social algorithm says is happening because they biased and cannot measure human emotions or social impact.

Social impact is just as important to marketing as anything else because people will more likely buy from brands they like, than brands they do not.  Pictures of pets, inspirational quotes, fun and cute things are improving lives and making the world a better place to live in. If nothing else, at least your brand is contributing to the social impact that this provides. Social media is not just about selling or marketing, it is about making your brand count for something and this cannot be quantified or measured by a computer algorithm.



Is your web marketing suffering from the “I read it somewhere” disease?

This disease affects a huge amount of small and medium sized business owners and it can and does have a huge impact on whether or not your business is successful online. For many marketing professionals it should signal the end of a promising or potential business relationship. Run very far, if you can!

Experience has taught me one thing ~ stay clear away from anyone with this undesirable affliction.

 Is your web marketing suffering from the I read it somewhere disease?

Business owners who suffer from this annoying but curable disease often tend to have an unrealistic view of the results they should expect to see from their web marketing and it is usually caused by the tendency for them to:

  • Read blogs, articles and posts from a number of different “top experts” and take their word as golden.
  • Read something and assume it applies to their business. 
  • Constantly play the “I am going to challenge you” game, even though I hired you as the expert.

Marketing professionals who are suffering from it usually have the tendency to:

  • Follow every strategy online to the letter and never develop their own.
  • Schedule everything in advance.
  • Work excessive hours, and never seem to get anywhere.
  • Lack imagination and creativity.
  • Wear a fake smile. (The “yes” man symptom)

The truth is even seosam2011 has fallen victim to this disease from time and time and it really does take its toll on your confidence, pocketbook and demeanor. It is truly exhausting trying to explain to clients, colleagues and new employees that what they read online is not necessarily the reality of the situation and that in fact in most cases its about 40% factual at best.

If you are a professional, you should already know this and if you don’t, then you should keep reading!

aaaarrrggghhh 600x389 Is your web marketing suffering from the I read it somewhere disease?

Most marketing professionals do not actually write their own material for blogs, articles or even webinars. When they are really big names, just like celebrities, they simply do not have the time to do so, especially with the amount of content that needs to be distributed on a constant basis. In the long run, who do you think pays for this? It is added to the cost of your monthly fees.

Content is written for one reason only, to build lists and sell products and services. Some professionals do not even care what is written, so long as it gets people to the website. Google guidelines state that it has to be written with quality and relevance, it doesn’t have to be true, important or even valuable.

Marketing professionals hire “ghost” writers to “make them sound good,” or re spin articles they like. They are merely actors in the online stage called the Internet.

Reality: Often the writers they employ have no prior knowledge of the industry, nor really have a grasp of what they are saying. A really good content writer like myself can write just about anything and make it sound good. How am I doing so far?

My personal advice, if you really want to read the “good stuff,” stop reading from the so called top blogs and start reading blogs from small home based real marketers who are “hands on.” They usually write their own material based on real life experiences. Their opinions, suggestions and ideas will offer better insights because they actually understand the concepts behind what they do.

They  will also tell you what you really need to know, not what they think you should know.

writers Is your web marketing suffering from the I read it somewhere disease?

Reality: Tips and advice from marketers are general guidelines that apply to a number of standard businesses, however each brand is different and what applies to one business may not apply to another.  Creating a unique voice for each brand and each client is the only way you will succeed in this business.

Here is a great example of this:

I have heard this social media phrase being uttered time and time again.”Selling on any social media platforms should be done only 20% of the time.”

For most businesses, this is a true fact.

What has not been stated is that some companies simply have no choice because selling is what they do and this statement does not apply to them. If you use a no sell model for an online shopping site, chances are they will not sell any merchandise.

The truth is, you can sell products, it is how you go about selling them that truly matters. If you do not understand this concept, you really do not have a clue how to do your job and you are simply following the social media business in a box model. This box model is only a guideline and is not the way to run a successful business. As harsh as it sounds, the sooner you learn this, the faster you will get your business in gear.

If social media didn’t eventually lead to selling products and services, somewhere down the line, there would be little need for it. The truth is, all forms of marketing lead to sales in one form or another and all of it is “selling or promotion.” Social media is where it begins, but it certainly does not end here and no matter how good you are at social media, without proper marketing and corporate brand strategies behind you, it will not succeed. Social media gets the brand noticed, but if the brand fails to meet all its other marketing goals, it is virtually useless. It didn’t say this anywhere when they sold you that business in a box did it?

If you use fun, interactive and low sell tactics, you can sell on every post, blog and tweet you have.

There is no rule for this, only a standard. If you want to be effective at doing it, you just have to be creative and make it appear like you are NOT selling. Marketing principles have not changed since the 1900′s, it is just the medium in which to do so that has. If you do not understand the basic principles behind marketing, you are ultimately going to fail. 

If your social media team is unwilling or does not understand how important the marketing is behind what they do, chances are it is because they suffer from another marketing syndrome known as,”They do everything the social media experts say, follow everyone and cannot think outside the box model they were given when they decided to become social media professionals.”  

confused 600x400 Is your web marketing suffering from the I read it somewhere disease?

Cure for Business owners:  Remember, stop and think!

  1. Remember, almost all strategies, tips and advice that are provided on the Internet are created to drive traffic to a website or for list building purposes with the intention to sell products or services.
  2. Stop believing everything you read and ask the person you hired to do the job, they deserve to be trusted and acknowledged for their expertise.
  3. Think of it this way, while you may know how to change the oil or a tire on your car, you are not a mechanic and you would not tell them how to fix the brakes on your car. While some people are actually capable of doing it, not everyone is and even those who are capable may not know what to do when disaster strikes as a result of it. Fixing a tire or brake is one thing, fixing the leak you caused in the engine as a result, is something entirely different.

Fact:Marketing experts have been trained, have experience, know what books to read, what webinars to attend and know where and how to get factual information on the subject. You may in fact have a basic knowledge of what needs to be done, but you do not truly understand what is involved in doing so. Not everyone can run a business and not everyone can be a marketer.

This is what suffering from the disease causes ~ it makes business owners believe they are expert marketers, when in fact they are just promoting their business. These are two different things.

Business owners get taken in by promises of instant success and it just doesn’t happen. The old adage applies, “If it sounds to good to be true, it is!” If you are not sure and have no one to ask, seosam2011 is always ready to provide an honest opinion, and if I can’t answer I will go to my other social media friends and ask them.

kozzi planet as symbol of social networking 451x287 Is your web marketing suffering from the I read it somewhere disease?

Cure for marketers:  Remember, stop and think!

  1. Remember, journalism is the art of reporting news and is based on fact and research, blogs and other articles are simply opinions. Unless you are reading a well researched book or take articles from real magazines or newspapers, chances are the information is flawed at best and should never be taken seriously. The same can be said for a webinar, unless it is being created by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google themselves, it’s being created to sell you something, promote someone or build lists. It is not being held because they want to help you succeed. If you succeed, they will go out of business because they won’t be able to sell you the next thing you need.
  2. Stop doing what everyone else does! While a great deal of the information might be useful, they are only telling you what they want you to know, not what you need to know and if you do everything exactly the same as them, how do you stand out?
  3. Think of it like this, I can tell you that you need an oil change and that all you have to do is remove the oil filter and pan from your car. I can even show you where it is but that does not mean you will know exactly how to do it, because there are a number of things that I left out on purpose such as you need a funnel and a pan for the oil, you need to make sure the car is off, etc. Things are left out on purpose, so you will need help. If you are doing everything right, you should be making a fortune. Honestly, how is your wallet stacking up? Not so much as you imagined is it?

The very fact that I have written this article goes against most “rules” and ‘standards” of writing blogs and doing social media because it has a somewhat negative tone to it.  Truth is ugly, but that is what makes me different. Honesty is all I really have to offer and what my business is based upon. Real marketing vision, real answers and real talk.

I think we need to start being more honest about web marketing, more socially responsible when it comes to social media and we need to stop bilking thousands upon thousands of dollars out of small unsuspecting business owners who cannot afford it. This is not sociable, this is just plain mean!


Social Media Marketing myths busted – you are more successful than you think!

Social media marketing is founded on the basic principles of marketing and while it emcompasses a great deal of the same fundamentals, there are a few things that separate them.

What applies to marketing does not always apply to social media for the simple reason that while it is a form of marketing, its a specific kind of web marketing that is user and brand centric and has strict “socially acceptable” practices to adhere to.

Many people seem to think they are not being successful with social media because they are measuring results and their numbers are relatively low.

This is normal, your numbers are low because there is simply too much competition.

The truth is a small business cannot afford to have the same results as the bigger brands, so why measure your brand’s success the same way?

the new brand formula 533x400 Social Media Marketing myths busted   you are more successful than you think!


The only real difference between web marketing and corporate marketing is that it takes place online instead of on radio, television and  inprint. However, it is just as expensive to “pay to play” when you consider that you need SEO, content management, web design, advertising, email marketing, and social media in order to have a well rounded marketing plan.

How can you expect to get the same results when you cannot afford all of these things?

This is a myth, social media cannot always be measured this way and it does not mean that you are not successful at what you’re doing, it just means that it might take you a lot longer to get there.

Promoting your brand and developing some solid foundation along the way is priceless!

Speaking of myths, let’s uncover some other social media marketing myths and get the real facts on how to measure your brand’s success.

Social Media Marketing myths – busted!!

Myth #1 —-> Social Traffic = sales!

Social traffic alone does not equal sale and while it may direct users to your website, unless you have spent months creating and building trust relationships with those users or have a compelling offer on your website, simple traffic does NOT convert!

The truth is, you need to do a great deal more than just add SEO or Social Media to your marketing and hope for the best. You need to add creative corporate marketing strategies, advertising and promotions that interest fans and add color to your brand!

The best way to do that is to make your promotions beneficial to your customers, fun, engaging and something the user can connect with your brand on personal level, and most important do it a lot, because a great deal of them will not work. Don’t give up, try something new until you find what works for your brand and you will achieve success!

Here is one of our new strategies, what do you think?

 Social Media Marketing myths busted   you are more successful than you think!

Myth #2 ——> I can get fans and followers overnight!

Unless you are a very important brand, person or celebrity, the truth is, gaining followers and fans takes a great deal of effort and time engaging on a variety of social platforms. If you expect overnight results, you will not succeed and any marketing company that tells you so, is lying to you or using tactics that can ruin your brand’s online reputation.

Companies that buy customers are buying bots or people who only like your page because they get paid to and then they will simply hide your content once they have done so. What value is there in a fan like this?

Well, there is actually one value. It makes you look “popular.”

This is important when it comes to brand authority, but remember these types of consumers won’t share anything and they won’t likely buy anything so if you think doing this is going to improve ROI or equal sales, you are sadly mistaken. If you want to use this type of strategy to simply boost your popularity, then I would suggest using a social sharing site that encourages people to like your content in return for rewards.

While they have the same value in terms of ROI, at least social sharing is “free!”

Make no mistake, Google and other search engines know you are paying for likes when your numbers increase dramatically in a short period of time and this is frowned upon.

While buying likes and sharing sites are technically the same thing, at the very least when you use a sharing site you can control it by limiting the numbers and types of people who can follow you and the places they are following you from.  When buying likes, you never know what your going to get and this could be damaging to your brand.

Its a competitive world, and reality dictates that you have to do something in order to stay afloat, but in today’s socially demanding world where brand reputation is the most important thing you have, do not risk it on scammy overnight practices that rarely work. Take your time, build your brand and you will eventually reap the benefits. There is nothing stopping you from paying for advertising or using some ‘bold” practices, so long as they fall within the acceptable guidelines.  

The fact is, many marketers simply disregard this and offer the world to you and if they are, chances are they have no idea what they are doing.

Always remember, you get more bees with honey than vinegar and you get better results when your fans are real!

 Social Media Marketing myths busted   you are more successful than you think!

Myth #3 ——> Conversion is not automatic!

There is a misconception that if you spend countless hours on directing thousands of people to your website, that 10% of those may actually buy something from you and another 10% may engage somehow with you so that you can “reconnect” with them. If you are a small based business who only gets one hundred visitors per month, you are literally talking about the possibility of connecting with half of a person.

Conversion rate is only really important where there is enough traffic to convert. 

Stop thinking that conversion on one landing page matters and start looking at your overall metrics, the combined measure of what you are doing.

If you build a strong trust relationship with one hundred people who actually like your products and services and always interact with your brand, you are getting more value out of them than worrying about capturing an email. This method might not convert right away, however, somewhere down the road those one hundred people might lead you to a new market of friends or family or even a sale.

Kozzi businesswoman drawing a sketch of the mechanism 2386x1592 600x400 Social Media Marketing myths busted   you are more successful than you think!

For a small business, this is sometimes the best and most realistic way to measure your success.

That does not mean that you should not work on trying to get more traffic through a variety of means, it just means stop worrying about sales and conversions until it matters and worry about turning the few people you have into a solid foundation that you can rely on for future sales and future conversions.

The Internet has grown exponentially in the recent years and having an online brand presence is no longer considered an add-on, it is a requirement even by Google’s standards. Your business will not be given an authority status if it lacks a visual connection to industry standard social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Building a positive and socially engaging online presence will help grow your business and over time this results in sales via traffic. Keeping your brand intact along the way is social media in a nutshell.

Make no mistake, web marketing rarely produces overnight results unless you happen to hit a viral gold mine (which can happen and this is reason alone to do it), your brand needs to build trust relationships with people before they will consider buying from you.

Traffic is one thing, converting a user into a client and future buying power is another.

A simple change in the way that your company thinks about its social media marketing can and will have a drastic effect on your bottom line.  Don’t change your social media, change how its being done.

Make it fun, Make it creative, make it engaging and you never know what might happen but stop expecting your social media to sell your products and services, it really doesn’t.

It creates the means in which to do so when you add all of the other marketing elements to it!