Why the ALS ice bucket challenge became a social media phenomenon

By now you have probably heard of, participated in or at the very least know someone who has taken the ALS #icebucketchallenge.  If you are a web marketing professional you were probably pouring the ice over your head thinking, “How come my strategies never worked this well?” I know, I did. To be honest, the […]

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A freelance writing job that never was and a lesson well learned.

I want to share a recent experience of mine with you because as a freelance writer, I know how difficult it can be to secure clients. It can be even more difficult to spot a potentially bad or harmful employer before you accept a contract. A bad working relationship is stressful and damaging to the freelancer’s confidence. […]

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Do not get taken to the cleaners with WordPress design fees, WP is a virtual DIY system!

WordPress websites are often controlled by web designers or third party marketing teams, but they should be controlled in house by the brand or owner themselves. Hosting should be purchased by the owner in his or her name so that if something ever goes wrong such as a split in partnerships, the website can easily […]

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“Marketing is people,” you need to understand them in order to market for them.

One of the fundamental things a social media or marketing team needs to understand before developing any brand concept is how the message will be translated by a variety of different people. Many campaigns fail to add the human element into the campaign and it simply becomes a openly blatant or boring targeted sales pitch. As a […]

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5 Tips for a better #fanpagefriday experience.

What exactly is #fanpagefriday? Fanpage Friday is a popular social media event that takes place each and every friday on Facebook and is very similar to the Follow Friday event that has been active on Twitter for a number of years. The main goal of #fanpagefriday is connect with other business owners on Facebook and […]

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Ways to judge success of your social media from a more human standpoint.

It seems somewhat ironic that as professional social media marketers, our goal is to study and understand human behaviour in order to promote brand awareness, but we judge our success of it based on numbers and analytics from a computer algorithm rather than quantifiable human reactions to strategies.  Can we really afford to  do so? […]

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Is your web marketing suffering from the “I read it somewhere” disease?

This disease affects a huge amount of small and medium sized business owners and it can and does have a huge impact on whether or not your business is successful online. For many marketing professionals it should signal the end of a promising or potential business relationship. Run very far, if you can! Experience has […]

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