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A freelance writing job that never was and a lesson well learned.

I want to share a recent experience of mine with you because as a freelance writer, I know how difficult it can be to secure clients. It can be even more difficult to spot a potentially bad or harmful employer before you accept a contract. A bad working relationship is stressful and damaging to the freelancer’s confidence. […] icon-vector-711 X 730

The consensus from my focus group: SEO is highly overrated.

I created a small focus group of colleagues to get their perspective on the current state of SEO and I was completely surprised by what I learned. The outcome of that entire experience can be literally summed up in this one statement; “Forget everything you thought you knew about SEO, most of it is long […]

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5 Tips for a better #fanpagefriday experience.

What exactly is #fanpagefriday? Fanpage Friday is a popular social media event that takes place each and every friday on Facebook and is very similar to the Follow Friday event that has been active on Twitter for a number of years. The main goal of #fanpagefriday is connect with other business owners on Facebook and […]