Is too much social media helping or hurting your brand?

Many people would argue that the more often your brand is seen and heard on social media platforms, the more popular your brand is. It certainly is the selling point and perhaps “mantra” for all social media marketers, but while that might be partially true, it is not entirely factual. Just how important do you […]

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Do inbound marketers need to have a sense of social responsibility when creating content?

I suppose because my background is in Community Recreation and the fact that I deal with a great number of small business and non-profit organizations, I am always thinking that social media marketing should be more focused on the social impact that it can have on society rather than its marketing value. At the very least, […]

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Inbound Marketing and SEO is about logic, patience and a new way of thinking.

Every thing you use to fine tune your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters!

I am certain you have probably heard it a million times and read countless data and information on SEO Techniques and back-links. You probably have even read about link farms, and heard of mystical SEO places that apparently sell back-links and various crafty ways to obtain quick and free links

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Marketing morons are taking spam commenting too far.

Less than one year ago I might have considered teaching an inbound marketing class about SEO and social media and it likely would have included an entire segment on the value of commenting on posts and content as a means to “get your brand’s name” out there and hopefully obtain a link as an added bonus. […]

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Does this make sense? Version 1

The ultimate marketing scam is having no idea what your doing. Knowledge is power in this game.

[su_pullquote]How do I hate “scammy” marketing practices? Let me count the ways![/su_pullquote] Marketing has been around for hundreds of years and while it may have moved online, “The game hasn’t changed, only the players have.” Isn’t it time you had a fair shot at winning the marketing game? You can, if you simply learn the […]

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Mobile Design For Modern Business

For someone to make a conserted effort to be unavailable—for whatever reason that may be—that person would have to jump through several hoops in order to not be found online. Whether it be an office phone, a personal smartphone, tablet, laptop or a PC, our society is defined by its technology. While the natural flow that […]

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