What are the Golden Twitter Rules for Businesses?

What are the Golden Twitter Rules for Businesses?

There is no doubting how powerful Twitter is as a business tool. Many businesses are finding that they can deal with customer queries through Twitter and save themselves a lot of time, and money, in comparison to manning telephones and dealing with enquiries in that way. However, there is no doubting that this was probably an unintended means of use when a business opened their Twitter account. Instead, the motivation was centered around increasing brand awareness and growing sales.

While social media carries with it something of a ‘free for all’ feeling, if as a business, you want to succeed using Twitter, there are some good practice etiquette tips that you should follow. Not only will this ensure more people want to do business with you, it will also allow you to develop stronger B2B relationships and establish your business as a trusted source of information.


Here are some golden Twitter rules that you should always follow.

Don’t RT at Will

When you retweet something, you need to do it properly. That means you don’t just hit the retweet button and have done with it.

Instead, quote the tweet you’re retweeting, mention the author and the business, and add your own comment to it. This helps to build your relationships on Twitter, as these people and brands will then see that you’ve taken the time to read what they’ve published. As a result, they are far more likely to reciprocate and do the same for you.

If you’re wondering whether retweeting is an essential, the answer is yes. Sharing others’ content is the best way to build credibility and show you know what you’re talking about. Furthermore, you’ll be reliant on people retweeting your content in order to grow your reputation.

Self-Promotion: Less is More

No one likes a social networker who does nothing except blow their own trumpet. By all means, share links to content and to sales pages on your website, but don’t make every single thing you post a promotional effort.

Seo-Social Media _ Twitter

Less is definitely more here; people understand that businesses use Twitter and other social media to self-promote, but they’ll also notice if you take a more relaxed approach rather than firing off a sales pitch every five minutes.

Above all else, excessive promotion will see your follower numbers plummet very quickly.

Don’t Overdo It

This rule continues the less is more theme. If you’ve read tutorials and found social media software platforms that talk about the optimum number of posts in a day, and the best times of day to post in order to receive retweets and favorites, tear them up and put them in the bin.

You’ll be able to discover naturally whether your best course of action is to tweet once, twice, or ten times each day. You’ll also quickly realize that, if people are engaged with your brand, they look at your profile to see what you’re doing anyway, rather than making a decision based on the time of day you appear on their timeline.

Respond as Much as PossibleSeo-Social Media _ Twitter2

If you’re a small company with a handful of enquiries each day, then dealing with them all is simple. When you start to get more queries, explain to your followers that you’re not able to answer every question there and then (unless it’s a direct complaint, when you should take action immediately), but will write a blog post or share some content that addresses these issues at a later date. This way, at least you’ve acknowledged everyone who has sent you a query over Twitter.

Making the most of Twitter is about much more than simply getting your name out there. Follow these golden rules, and your social referral traffic will increase steadily over time.

Cristen Bagley is a social media expert who works with individuals and businesses to develop winning social media strategies. In addition to Twitter, Cristen is currently doing a lot of work based on the enthuse networking site, and showing his clients how they can make the most of the opportunities this new platform can provide.

Seo-social media is proud to have Cristen Bagley as a guest post contributor.  For more information on guest postings, please visit our guest post page. 

photo by: Rosaura Ochoa

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