How does change effect a social media marketer?

How does change effect a social media marketer?

In any business, there is a certain amount of change that is necessary in order to maintain future growth opportunities. Change creates challenges and inspiration for employees and helps to keep things interesting. However, what if change was a constant factor in your current job? Do you think that it would be hard to constantly keep a hold on it or do you think it might sometimes get out of your control?

This is the major challenge that every social media marketer faces and the one factor that will determine whether they make it in this business or not.

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The social media landscape changes so often, that a social media marketer needs to stay on top of things, otherwise they risk falling behind.

I know, because it has happened to me on more than one occasion.

The very nature of the job itself is overwhelming at times.

Social Media involves writing blogs, creating posts, developing strategies and other daily tasks such as, creating graphics, finding relevant media and sharing social engagement postings.  That alone can take up an entire work day and that is only half of what needs to be done.  At some point, you may begin to realize that you need help to get the job done and most social media markets opt to outsource some of the simpler tasks.  You might think, this sounds like the perfect solution and you are correct, at least, to a certain degree. While outsourcing offers the social media marketer more time to regroup and re organize work, it seems to be the moment when Facebook, Twitter and Google decide to change their platform. It is like the ultimate curse and it happens every few months.

When a social media marketer thinks they finally have a grasp on things, it is usually the time when they have to re think strategies and re train staff, because chances are someone decided to change something.  Worse, most often they are only hearing about this news three weeks after it first went viral because they have been so busy working on getting organized that they have had little time to keep up with the news.

This is how change effects a social media marketer and is the difference between someone making it or breaking it.

The truth is, if you constantly work this way, you will not make it.  You have to maintain a level of organization, otherwise you will not be able to catch up. Let’s face it, we all fall behind sometimes, but if that is how you always do things, this job is probably not for you ~ as a professional in the filed, you must learn to embrace change or the stress of it will overwhelm you. Part of organizing your work is making sure that you get the proper RSS feeds that you need to stay informed. At the very least, every social media marketer should be tuned in to Mashable on a daily basis.

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As a social media consultant, you must be up to date with current trends while being able to maintain a certain level of social popularity, train staff, write blogs, manage websites and work on daily routines all at the same time. In between, there are always things that will go wrong and you will be on the phone and/or answering emails for hours on end trying to fix it.  Social media marketing is both challenging and rewarding and there are very few people who truly have a grasp of the entire job.  I consider myself to be one of those few and I personally would not change my job for anything.  I do wish that the social world would stop changing for just a little while, so that I can catch my breath.  I suppose if it did, it wouldn’t be the same and maybe that is just what social media marketing is all about.

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