Why is SEO-SocialMedia important to understand for your business?

Why is SEO-SocialMedia important to understand for your business?

We have all heard that we need SEO and Social media because it creates traffic to our website, but do we really understand the fundamentals of it?  Most business owners do not,  because they rely solely on their managers to deal with it.  They are provided with monthly or weekly metric reports that show them the numbers and this seems to suffice.  Does it?

What if there was a better way to understand it, a more simple and basic understanding that will make a considerable amount of sense?  Do you think that would help a great deal?

There is!  I am hoping that I can convey that message to you today.  While this article may seem long to read, it is important for you to do so. I want to get the “cobwebs” of the SEO and Social Media industry out of your mind so that you can make informed decisions about your business.

Seo-SocialMedia - making sense of greed

Let me explain why SEO-SocialMedia is important to understand for your business in laments terms.

Think about SEO and SocialMedia like you would Algebra.

  • Would you agree, most of the world has a basic understanding of math and how it works?
  • Would you also agree that financial experts, scientists and accountants understand a great deal more about math and how it is applied to their industries than most ordinary people?

If so, then your probably will also agree that Mathematicians are the experts who understand all of the concepts behind math and therefore can use it to calculate or to apply to just about anything.  The mathematical assumption here would be, understanding the concept of to how something works is quite different and more effective than simply knowing that something works.

Assuming this, let us look at SEO and Social Media from a different perspective in relation to your business needs.

  • Do you know why you need to add alternative tags to your photographs and what the importance of title tags and meta descriptions are in terms of virility rather than just for link building and ranking?
  • Does your SEO manager understand the reasons behind on page and link building concepts and how a strategic plan from the onset is much more effective than a fix it solution after the fact?
  • Do you know how these concepts of SEO apply to Social Media?

 You probably do know that all of these things are necessary for better SEO, but you do not understand how or why.  That is the  most important part of the equation, and the part that SEO experts never seem to explain or talk about and the reason behind this article today.

Now that we have asked all of the hard questions, how do we go about answering them?

You may know that an image, page, post or video is a great way to get viral traffic to your website because you can share this type of media on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.   You may also know that they help SEO by creating a link to your website.

  • Did you know, that is only one reason that they are important?
  • Did you know that many SEO managers are not even aware that there are a few other reasons why this is important and it has to nothing to do with SEO, but rather with branding?

Images, pages, posts and videos are indexed on search engines by titles, meta descriptions, keywords and alt tags.  Each will be attached to a link, this link is usually formulated from the domain name and what it was originally named.  When a person searches for any image, post, video or keyword, they are most likely going to search for something like “solar lights,”or “solar lights in Montreal,” or if they happen to know the companies name, they will most likely search for the companies such as, “ZoomBuilt solar lights.”  Any image, page, post, or video that has been referenced with an alt tag, title or even description related to the word solar lights, solar lights Montreal or”ZoomBuilt” will be displayed on the same SERPS (search engines like Google) index page.

Example – this is an image search for the keword  “ZoomBuilt Solar IQ Lights.”  As you can see, anything related to the term is shown here. In the first picture, there is a link to a website called socialtyz.com and not Zoombuilt.  Socialtyz has taken full advantage of this photograph and keyword by naming it properly, and ZoomBuilt gets recognition as being the brand.  ZoomBuilt is not the only company using their products, or images, so its a win-win situation. You will also notice that the “house” picture is not a picture of a ZoomBuilt solar light, however, it was named with the keyword in its description or alt tag and as such, it shows up as Zoombuilt on this index page, because it is a related entity, furthering the advantage to Zoombuilt and improving its chances for branding and ultimately traffic.  Chances are this photo is also displayed on an index page called houses, furthering this possibility.  This is the real advantage of SEO and what it is truly defined as “TRAFFIC,” and not a million useless links or followers paid for that ultimately are bots anyway.

Seo-Socialmedia solar lights

In the example of a photograph, if a person clicks on that image, he or she is directed to the blog, post or website that originated the image.  If your image titles are numbers like 353639_tell.jpg, how do you think Google or other search engines will index it?  Furthermore, if you do not provide it with an alt tag or description, the SERPS will simply have no choice but to assume the image is 353639 and that is how it will be indexed.  The only way that picture will ever be found on the SERPS is if they type in numbers similar or close to it.

Further more, in the case of naming pages properly, if you create a page link or title called page id=”7″, instead of say product page,  chances are this is what your indexed link will look like:

http://www.seo-socialmedia.net/page id=”7″  instead of  http://www.seo-socialmedia.net/products

Which links looks more professional for your brand?  Everything that a web designer, SEO manager or Social media assistant does effects your branding and traffic.

  • Don’t you think they should understand the concepts behind why they do the things instead of simply knowing how?
  • Do you think knowing the concepts behind things makes them better and more effective.
  • Do your current providers understand the concepts behind the strategy or do they simply know how to do SEO and social media?

SEO managers can fix part of your image, titles and alt tags, however, they are not always able to go in and fix every one of them.  They maybe part of the original design of your website and the program you use is hindering them from doing so.  If your web designer is careless and did not have a backbone plan for SEO when developing your website from the onset, this may be difficult to fix now.  Your images will be indexed improperly and  sometimes it takes months before the spiders will come back to update your site and fix them, if at all.  In the meantime, your brand is effected.

Think of it like taking  inventory of your products, if you did not start out with a good solid plan for a basic coding system for your SKU’s, product codes or inventory control, when you begin to grow your inventory you may lose track of it and while you can go in and re-label everything, it will never be as accurate as it would have been if you had taken the two seconds to label the stock from the beginning.  If you had created a basic plan, you would not be spending countless hours developing a plan to fix it.

Never in business is the best approach to be reactive, you always need to be proactive.

Seo_socialmedia Reactive

What does all of this mean?  It means, if you want to have effective SEO and Social media, you need to be proactive and not reactive, you have to start trying to learn why SEO and Social media manager do things instead of simply relying on them for answers.

Far too often, I hear from my clients , “I am not interested in learning, or doing it, that is what I pay you for.”  This is not acceptable and is the reason why so many SEO and social media managers are creating bad practices.

These bad practices hurt those of us who must go in and fix the damages after the fact, we end up looking like the “bad guy,” because business owners and other third party individuals are losing trust in the industry that is creating a strong hold on naive business owners.  Have you ever had to deal with a website designer after they have created an ineffective SEO design?  You need to tell your client the truth, without stepping on toes and no matter how you approach it you always look like your unprofessional.  Website creators do not want you to have access to their site and understandably so, they do not want to be blamed for any mistakes that happen, however they always want to charge the client for fixes.  Fixes in my opinion, that should not be happening because if they had done it properly, they would not have to be doing it again.

 It is very frustrating because you are stuck between a rock and hard place. As a professional, you know if they had taken the extra time to do things properly from the get go, none of this would be happening, yet you also know that web design is not always concerned with SEO or social media, and should it be?  Is this  a new requirement for today’s web building industry?  I think it should be.  I know that I personally would not let anyone  design my website without proper SEO and social media input from the get go.

That is why I learned both concepts in the first place, so I could offer my clients better options, instead of creating band aid reactive solutions. I personally understand web development as it relates to SEO.

We need business owners to start demanding better practices so we can offer better solutions. SEO- Social media is everyone’s business because it is not going anywhere, it is the industry standard of today and either you get on board or you get left behind.

When you pay an accountant to fix your books, you have to understand the basics to why it is important to do so.  Accountants make sure that everything balances, so you do not get in trouble with the government for tax evasion, but you need to have a basic understanding of accounting, payroll and taxes yourself to make sure that your accountants do not mismanage your money. Why do so many business owners think its sufficient to let SEO, social media and website managers do everything for them?  It isn’t, you need to begin to start learning why is SEO-SocialMedia important to understand for your business so you can get the most effective, cost efficient services for your business.


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