Is your career or business built on passion or profit?

Is your career or business built on passion or profit?

There is a moment in every business or individual’s career that is considered to be a major turnaround point, commonly referred to as an “A-Ha” moment.

Have you had your “A-Ha” moment?  If so, what should you do about it?


Mine happened during a recent GooglePlus training session. The host of the session could or would not answer (I am not really certain which) any of the questions that I asked him.  To be honest, in some ways I truly doubted that he would or could.

It was then that I finally realized, the only thing that was stopping me from furthering my own career, was me.

He answered the only question that I really needed to ask. If I am miles ahead of him in knowledge and experience and he is leading this session, why am I still following?

My  “A-Ha” moment was a welcome boost of confidence and sometimes that is all anyone really needs.

Helen Keller Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence

The same can be said about marketing and managing your business.

A turn around point takes a business from a negative and unprofitable state into a more positive and sales driven one, unfortunately, it usually happens after a disappointing down swing or loss of profits. It is considered to be the proverbial difference between the success or failure of the business because it is during this period when business owners start to give up, lose faith or begin to sell themselves short in order to regain loss.

Businesses that are able to turn things around during this time usually emerge as industry leaders.

How your company adapts during this time is often what will decide its fate.

Business Planning with Plan-Too

Business success literally happens in three stages:

  • Investing a great deal of time and money.

The risk factor is very high at this point because everything is unstable and you are still developing the model for your business.  You may change direction several times before you find what works best for your business and your marketing.

You need to ask yourself – how useful and different is my business from everyone else?

If you cannot answer the 5 W’s, your business is probably not ready to move forward.

When you have finally developed your model, created your plan of action and gained some clients and valuable experience, you will move on to the next phase.  For some this may take years and if you do not have the money, time or patience to wait it out, chances are you will not be successful.

  • Turning your business into a profitable one.

The turnaround point is what usually sets profit in motion, however it can happen at any time.  This phase is determined mostly by a realization that either you’re heading in the right direction with your business and you need to continue to do so, or you need to make a huge change in the way you’re doing things.

It is here where most businesses fail.  Confidence plays a huge role in this part, do you have what it takes to be a leader and take your business further?

  • Securing your business so growth can begin.

When you finally have all of your plans in motion and are moving in a positive direction in terms of finances, you can begin to secure your future and create growth.

You cannot run before you learn to walk otherwise you will fall flat on your face when you run out of breath.  The same can be applied to your business, if you’re not making a profit and you try to grow too quickly, you will run out of money.

You need to be making a reasonable profit before you can begin to expand. This is a catch 22 phase because often the only way to make a profit is to grow.  Learning how to create a balance is what will help you to succeed during this time.

seo-socialmedia-job_text_mouse_pc_800_clraRemember, marketers do not view Key Performance Indicators (KPI) results as either negative or positive and you shouldn’t either. They use the information gained from a variety of different analysis to modify strategies in order to achieve results and it can take a very long time.

The fact is, no matter how much time or money you invest in your business or career, if there is no desire or passion to succeed you will fail.  A positive attitude goes a long way to achieving success and sometimes this is the only way to move forward and ride the waves towards business and career success.

How successful are you going to be?

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