Fighting back to stop SEO and social media Hogs- Part 2 of Series

Fighting back to stop SEO and social media Hogs- Part 2 of Series

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My partner Robert Jones and I held steadfast to a belief that what we were doing with our seo and social media would eventually pay off.  That day finally came when Google Penguin was introduced. I sat by and kinda chuckled to myself as many SEO managers and companies began to struggle with “bad” linking practices that had some of their clients  literally ripped of the SERPS.  I did not even flinch, I knew that it was not possible for any of my clients.

While we have not made huge amounts of money and we are not living in Costa Rica each winter, we do enough to make it worthwhile. We could make tons of money, we would have to sell out our clients in order to do so.  It is not how I choose to live and I am not complaining about it.

Google Penguin_Seo-socialmedia

Google Penguin was a few months back, you would think that by now people would have gotten the message and began to be more vigilante about their SEO practices.  I am sad to report that this is not the case, people are still selling crap and companies are still trying to find ways to beat the system; they are just doing it incognito.

I have decided that I no longer will be annoyed with these bad practices, I will just fight back.  I truly believe that if all web owners begin to monitor their practices and help in Google’s fight, we will all have a fairer playing field.

Google cannot do it alone.

I recently read an article on Search Engine Land about how to remove bad links from website, I was truly amazed by the comments at the end of the article.  There were tons of  SEO managers complaining about having to remove links and companies having to pay to have them removed.  Links that some of them knowingly created by using bad practices.  My thoughts are: too bad, you were warned, yet you still thought you were smarter than Google.

I ask, am I supposed to feel sorry for them?  Well quite frankly, I don’t.  They willingly tried to beat the system and cheat their clients or were clients who paid for links and now they are reaping the benefits of those actions.  It has kind of levelled the playing field for those of us who did not make as much money, because now these SEO companies are losing money trying to fix it.

I used to be annoyed by people who commented on my blogs with stupid comment just to get link backs, I no longer get mad, I get even.  I simply post the dumb comment (with a note stating that its a dumb comment) without links at all and I often email the website who the link was meant for to explain how this is a bad practice that their SEO company is using to bilk them out of money.  Often they are unaware this is evening going on and sometimes they were aware and paid for the link and then I simply say, “well you get what you pay for.”  I get a free comment and well, you get nothing.

Sep-socialmedia, are you with me?If every website owner took a few minutes each week to do this, there would be less and less people trying to beat the system because the effects of doing so would be greater than the reward.

Are you with me?  Will you fight the good fight?

It is only when we begin to show others that we will not take it anymore, will things begin to change.  I hope more website owners join me in my battle to put an end to bad practices and create a level playing field.   People complain about the economy, yet they are working to destroy small businesses who cannot compete in the global market – think about it~!

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photo by: Grant Wickes

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