Do you really understand what an email marketing is used for?

Do you really understand what an email marketing is used for?

Most people understand the concept that email campaigns are used primarily to build lists of people interested in your products. These lists are then used to send communications to those people with the intention of creating engagements and building trust relationships. After a period of time, through these engagements, the theory is; these people will begin to feel comfortable enough to purchase products and services from you. In essence, the idea of email campaigns is to attract potential customer leads.

Sounds simple enough to collect emails, send communications and get leads, right?

Well, that is what most people think, however is a bit more complex than that.

I cannot count the times that I have received email from other on line social media marketing companies asking me dumb questions like “Do you think that Seo-Socialmedia is running an effective PPC Campaign?” or “Do you think Seo-Socialmedia’s website has appropriate content?”in the subject line. I find it highly offensive as a qualified SEO writer. It also shows me that this marketer is not very effective at his or her job ~ for a number of reasons, including:

  1. They did not take the time to consider that a social media marketing company aptly named SEO-Socialmedia would know a thing or two about on line marketing and PPC.

  2. They also did not look at the website to notice that there is a page indicating that one of the owners is a qualified and experienced SEO content writer.

  3. Targeting customers in your own field is not really effective, they are your competition and not potential leads. You need to treat them differently.

  4. A subject line like the one above would make any owner feel as though you are telling them that they have no idea how to run their own business instead of offering them help.

  5. It is not appropriate to send email to someone addressed as the person’s company name rather than their real name.

    The Architecture Of A Social Business-Seo-socialmedia

You may be asking yourself is email marketing considered spam?

Well, not exactly.  If you sign up for free products and services or opt in to a company’s newsletter and provide them with your email information, then you have authorized them to communicate with you. Sometimes its a necessary evil to receive things that you want on-line.

Email campaigns are set up to gather as many email addresses as they can from on line forms and other opt in promotions, but its up to the marketer to analyse the information within it.

When you think about it, what is the point of creating on line forms that ask specifically for a company name, website and email of the person “opting in” if you have no intention of following through with the information?

If the form only ask for emails, then it is a bit more difficult to decipher however, it is safe to say that if the persons email is, its a pretty good chance they are a social media marketer. It does not take a experienced marketer to figure that out.

Email marketing is only as effective as the person who creates the campaign in the first place.

An effective email campaign starts with targeting the appropriate market and following through with the results. Here are some things to consider when formulating your next email campaign.

Stop targeting your own interest group.

If you are a social media company and the only free things you offer are always related to social media you must ask yourself, who is most likely to want this information? Someone interested in social media or someone who has no idea what social media even is? Be creative, be general and target a more global group of people instead. You can still tie it in to the subject matter.

Take the information and create separate lists.

Once you have received the information, take the time to sort through your lists. Investigate the website of the email and see what products they offer and what is the most likely ways to attract them.

TIP: If you are only attracting people in your own field, its time to reconsider the campaign.

Sort emails according to things like; in the same field, potential leads,etc.,when you send out communications this way, you will be targeting the right market instead of sending out emails on a hope and a prayer.

While many people believe that sending out tons of random emails will possibly result in a few people becoming interested in product, the truth is all of these individuals are potential customers, but you have to know what they want, how to talk to them and how they fit them into your company.

It is much more effective if you send communications to competition with the intent to educate and share with them,instead of making them feel like they need your help. It does not mean that a competitor will never be your customer. We all need to use competitors at some point in business.

That being said, competitors is just not what you need to focus your communications on, you need to focus your efforts on your real potential customers. Separating them into lists and actually getting to know your potential leads is the most effective way to do this.

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